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Why Was I Referred to an Oral Surgeon?

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Office
Why Was I Referred to an Oral Surgeon?Being referred to an oral surgeon means that the individual requires better dental expertise from an oral surgeon that a local dentist could not give due to a lack of experience or the nature of the said condition. Here are some reasons why an individual may be referred to an oral surgeon.

Signs of developing Periodontal Disease

An individual may be referred to an oral surgeon if there are signs of developing periodontal disease. These diseases are gum related and are handled by oral surgeon experts known as periodontal dentists. They are specialists in dealing with related gum diseases and provide better solutions than a local dentist.

In case of a Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Oral surgeons perform most maxillofacial reconstructions and surgeries. The maxillofacial surgeons are experts in performing surgical procedures on the overall facial appearance to enhance or deal with abnormalities within the oral system.

Extraction of a Wisdom Teeth

Referrals to oral surgeons concerning the extraction of wisdom teeth are common in dentistry as many dental issues are related to wisdom teeth. Most referrals are done to make the patient better aware of his condition and whether his situation requires a complex or simple surgery.

For Dental Implants Procedures

Dental implant procedures may be easy to perform, but they require expertise in ensuring the correct fixing and installation of implants in the individual's teeth; hence an oral surgeon is required.

Repairing of Jaw or Tooth Injury

Jaw or tooth injuries caused by trauma or accidents are critical and require the attention of an oral surgeon to perform better the suitable repair and reconstructions needed. In addition, they are necessary for gum grafting procedures. The individual needs to access an oral surgeon to be confident in obtaining the required results and success needed to improve their oral health.


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