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Simple Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Mouth Stays Clean after Oral Surgery

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Office
Simple Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Mouth Stays Clean after Oral SurgeryWhen you have oral surgery, you need to maintain a regular hygiene schedule and follow our instructions to prevent infection. Otherwise, you will have to pay us a visit for further care. The following information expands on what you should do after you have a tooth extraction.

First Things First - Addressing the Bleeding before Cleaning Your Mouth

Before cleaning your mouth, you need to anticipate what will happen right after the surgery. Usually, right after a procedure, most patients experience some oozing or mild bleeding during the first 24hours. Make sure you position a gauze pack directly over the site. If the bleeding starts to become heavy, use a teabag that has been soaked in hot water and squeezed of the excess water, wrapped in the gauze. Do this for 30 minutes, as it will constrict the blood flow. Call us if that small measure does not control the bleeding. Once the blood stops, you will not have to use any more gauze, and you can focus on keeping the extraction site clean. Naturally, you will need to follow our directions for cleaning to ensure post-operative success. We may also give you a prescription mouthwash to use to reduce the chances of infection.

Cleaning the Extraction Site

Besides using a prescription mouthwash, you may suggest that you wash with a warm saltwater rinse. Brush the surgical site gently for two weeks following the procedure. Brush twice a day and floss each day, as you normally would, for your other teeth. Make sure you do not use any mouth rinse that contains alcohol, as it can irritate the extraction site. Also, if you use a water flosser, turn down the pressure around the site to avoid any problems.

Keeping your gums and teeth clean is paramount to a good surgical outcome. However, you need to use some precautions and follow our directions when you brush and floss your teeth or rinse your mouth. If you have any questions about tooth removal and care, give us a call anytime with your inquiries.


Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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