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What Causes Bone Loss in Your Jaw?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Office
What Causes Bone Loss in Your Jaw?There are a variety of reasons for the bone mass loss in a patient. Some of them are quite naturally occurring while still others are the reason for concern. The jawbones provide the natural foundation for our gums and teeth and without proper bone mass, the teeth can become weakened, loose, and even fall out without it.

How to Maintain Bone Mass

Believe it or not, maintaining bone mass is quite natural. It occurs every time we bite down or chew our food. The jawbone needs the naturally occurring oppositional forces when we bite down. The teeth touching in a normal biting motion is the type of pressure necessary for the bone to continue staying healthy. When we lose a tooth or multiple teeth, this opposing force is lost. Once the force is lost, it can lead to the deterioration of the bone. The technical term for bone mass loss is known as bone resorption. It is always recommended to have an artificial tooth solution put into place so the opposing forces can be maintained resulting in strong jawbones. Without this, the bones will deteriorate, and mass will be lost.

Other Causes of Bone Loss in the Jawbone

While lack of the opposing forces can cause bone resorption something far more sinister can cause it as well. The culprit is periodontal disease. This progressive disease can cause bleeding gums, loss of teeth, decay, and ultimately tooth loss. As the infection spreads, it can eat away at not only the teeth and soft gum tissues but the jawbone themselves. Once it reaches the late stages it cannot be cured. As the jawbone deteriorates, it increases the chances that the infection will spread throughout the body damaging other systems and even organs.

Infections of the mouth have been known to spread through the bloodstream or lymphatic system impacting not only the respiratory system but potentially even the heart. We are here to help prevent this. Give us a call today to find out more.


Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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