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Can a Facial Fracture Affect Your Teeth's Alignment?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Office
Can a Facial Fracture Affect Your Teeth's Alignment?Whenever you experience an injury or trauma to the face, you need to contact us about the possible consequences resulting from the incident. A facial fracture can affect the alignment of the teeth. Therefore, you should schedule x-rays and an examination if you experience a fracture that involves the bones in your face.

How a Facial Fracture Can Lead to a Dental Misalignment

One of the facial injuries often missed is a maxillofacial trauma. This type of injury can lead to serious problems with future pain if it is not addressed immediately. When this type of injury occurs, it can trigger soft tissue trauma, mandibular fractures, orbital and nasal fractures, and similar difficulties. Therefore, if you receive any fracture to the maxillofacial area, the area needs to be observed, as this part of the face is home to major sensory systems and vital functions in the face, head, and neck.

Caring for Fractures of the Jaw

Jaw fractures, also known as mandibular fractures, are common-place skeletal facial injuries, second only to nasal fractures in the face. According to statistics, jaw fractures make up about 70% of the cases reviewed involving maxillofacial incidents. Because the mandible has less of a support system from the cranium than other facial areas, it often receives more injuries. Most of the accidents that lead to mandibular fractures are car accidents (hitting the face against the dashboard), physical assault, falls, and getting injured during a contact sport. A fracture of the jaw occurs when the bone cracks in 2 places - at the site of impact and the site opposite of the contact site. Major symptoms of a jaw fracture include the loss of certain functions, such as talking or eating, inflammation, and swelling. Seek immediate treatment, as a broken jaw can also weaken the air passage and interfere with respiration.

Your teeth may also become misaligned, get cracked, or lose their hold in the jaw bone as the result of a jaw bone or facial fracture. If you need assistance with this type of injury, contact us right away after receiving medical treatment. A prompt response is always the best response in the case of a facial injury.

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