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Reasons We Use Several Types of Stitches During Oral Surgery

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Office
Reasons We Use Several Types of Stitches During Oral SurgeryDuring oral surgery, you may require stitches to control bleeding or put your gum flap in place. Stitches prevent harmful bacteria from settling in the open wound, preventing infection, and accelerating the healing process. Several types of stitches are used in oral surgery. These include the absorbable stitches, which dissolve, and those that require removal after a certain duration.

Absorbable Stitches

Absorbable stitches can be broken down by the body and do not require manual removal after surgery. They are made of either natural or synthetic compounds, which dictates their disintegration period. Natural absorbable stitches are extracted from animal tissues and are useful in stitching soft tissues and lacerations. Due to their absorbable feature, these stitches are convenient if you want to save yourself an extra trip to our office. This is also the reason why most patients will prefer this option.

Stitches that Do Not Dissolve

Non-absorbable stitches are made of silk, polyester, and nylon materials that the body cannot disintegrate. These materials will retain their strength for up to months past your recovery, requiring compulsory removal at our office. The appointment is usually around ten days after stitching but may vary depending on the surgery. While these stitches require an extra appointment, they are our top preference, given that they are easy to handle and tie knots. Also, the knots are durable and less likely to untie. The ends of silk sutures are comfortable than the absorbable stitches and will not irritate your cheeks and tongue.

Whether we use absorbable or non-absorbable stitches on your wounds, healing is still dependent on how well you care for your mouth after surgery. Thus, you should stick to all after-care guidelines and finish your prescription. If you suspect an infection, contact us immediately for attention. For more details on oral surgery stitches, contact our office today.


Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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