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Knowing When You Might Need Maxillofacial Surgery

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Office
Knowing When You Might Need Maxillofacial SurgeryThe maxillofacial area includes your jawbone, mouth, teeth, and facial soft tissues. Although we can solve some maxillofacial-related problems with common treatment methods, some of them do require surgery in order to obtain the best results. Below, we will dive into some of these problems, so you can better understand if a maxillofacial surgery could benefit your case.

Having a Nasal Cavity Abnormality

Problems related to areas beyond the mouth, such as the nose, often require patients to undergo surgery to fix them. Nasal cavity abnormalities are a clear example of this. Nasal surgery can significantly improve the quality of life of a patient by straightening their nasal septum, which allows them to breathe and smell without difficulties.

Facial Trauma

A facial trauma relates to a sudden or violent blow on your face. The blow breaks bones in your face and causes facial disfiguration, which can highly alter the functionality of the affected facial structures. When you get facial trauma, there is a high probability that you may require maxillofacial surgery to restore or reposition such facial structures back to their original state.

Abnormal Growth on Your Mouth or Neck

If you are developing abnormal growth in your head, neck, or mouth, you may also need to undergo maxillofacial surgery. The abnormal growth may start as a harmless or malignant growth. However, it could also be a cancerous growth. As such, it is important to come for an exam so our team can distinguish if your growth is abnormal or harmless.

There are other occurrences where you may need to undergo maxillofacial surgery, such as when you have bite abnormality, a cleft lip, or chronic facial pain. You should also get a maxillofacial surgeon if you are planning on having a difficult tooth extraction. Give us a call today if you want to learn more about the multiple maxillofacial surgeries available.


Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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