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Some foods are bad for your teeth

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Office
Some foods are bad for your teethWhatever you put in your mouth, has a direct impact on the state of your teeth. It is therefore vital that you keep a keen eye on what you are eating to prevent harming your teeth unknowingly. At our dental practice, we always take our time to educate our patients on the foods that should be eaten or avoided for strong healthy teeth. some foods that you take may be hurting your teeth with your knowledge. Make a point to come to our clinic where you will be fed with important information that will help you maintain maximum dental health.

Acidic Foods

Some acidic foods can be healthy for your body, but they could harm your teeth. Foods such as oranges, tomatoes, yogurts, and fruits may contain important minerals and vitamins, but they still have some levels of acids that can erode your enamel. This can lead to eventual decay or cavities developing if you do not take appropriate measures. For instance, you can brush your teeth after eating these foods to remove the acids in your mouth. You can also maintain a balance of the pH value in your mouth by eating alkaline foods that will help to neutralize the acids.

Sugary and Starchy Foods

Sugary and starchy foods lead to tooth decay and cavities in that, the glucose in these foods is broken down by bacteria producing acid as the by-product. The acid, therefore, erodes the enamel leading to cavities. Starchy foods are also sticky and can get stuck on gums and teeth. This can cause plaque formation putting you at risk of developing decay and cavities.

Come For Regular Dental Checkups

Our dentists at the practice can help you maintain optimal oral wellness. We take pride in knowing that we can contribute to you having perfect health to enable you to lead a fruitful life. Give us a call to book an appointment.


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