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What Is Oral Pathology And How Can You Spot It?

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Office
What Is Oral Pathology And How Can You Spot It?Oral pathology is a dentistry specialty and pathology discipline specializing in identifying, managing, and treating diseases that mainly affect maxillofacial and oral regions. These include gums, teeth, perioral skin, lips, tongue, gums, facial joints/muscles, jaws, and salivary glands. Oral pathology's primary practices are clinical examination and lab testing while considering the overall body health.

Signs of oral pathology

The mouth is one of the essential and complex body organs with numerous crucial functions. Oral pathologists are trained and skilled professionals who diagnose and treat different mouth and dental disorders. Your mouth is easy to access; hence you can quickly spot any signs and symptoms of oral pathology. However, you need the oral pathologist to examine by taking biopsy samples to know the exact problem.

Some of the oral pathology signs to look at for self-examination includes white or red lumps or patches- a healthy mouth is smooth with a pink mucosa lining, change in appearance or color of the lips, tongue, cheeks, face, neck, palate, or periodontal tissue, prolonged hoarse sound, sore throat, or difficulty in swallowing/ chewing, and chronic lesions and sores that keep on bleeding from time to time.

Bleeding, sore, inflamed gums, or receding gum lines are also oral pathology signs. All these are symptoms of periodontal diseases, which include gingivitis. Failure to treat gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, resulting in severe infections and even teeth loss.

For self-checking, look at your mouth from a well-lit mirror from different angles. You can also use your fingers to feel your mouth's inside. Mouth cancer and lesions are some of the worst pathology diseases in the world and are hard to treat. Benign tumors and other periodontal diseases are common and relatively easy to treat.


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