In order to create an optimal plan for surgery, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon needs detailed imaging studies that allow him or her to visualize the many complex structures of the area where the procedure will be performed. Because each individual’s anatomy is unique, the surgeon needs these images to plan a safe and effective surgery.

In many surgical practices, it’s necessary for patients to go to a separate center to have the necessary imaging done before their procedure. However, in our office at Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, we are now able to give our patients access to a state-of-the-art imaging located in our office, making it convenient to access 3D imaging in Austin.


Because of the complexity of oral and maxillofacial surgeries, 3D imaging is useful to plan the optimal surgical approach.

For example, when planning the placement of Dental Implants, 3D imaging allows the implant to be placed where the bone is thickest, increasing the amount of bone to implant contact and thereby making the implant more likely to succeed.

Imaging also allows the surgeon to avoid nerves, blood vessels, and other important structures while placing the Implant, to make the surgery safer.

3D imaging can also be useful in establishing a diagnosis for many patients, and to plan the repair of conditions like facial deformities, cleft lip and palate and facial trauma.

For 3D imaging in Austin, the system now available in our office uses CT scan technology with radiation exposure 10-100x less than traditional x-rays or medical CT scanners.

The computer takes a series of images using x-rays, and advanced software is used to create a 3D computer model from the images.

The system allows us to rotate the image and to change the field of view, so that we can get a very accurate sense of the anatomy of your face, head, and neck.

We can now diagnose various medical issues more accurately, and can plan your treatment with an unprecedented level of confidence.


We’re proud to be able to offer our patients the convenience of this 3D imaging system right here in our office.

When a surgical office needs to send patients elsewhere for imaging, then patients need to visit the surgeon, visit the imaging center, and then come back to the surgeon. Records and results must be transferred each time.

These multiple visits can be a hassle and also create extra expenses. The doctor and patients don’t like having to wait to find out the results of their imaging studies.

Because we can offer imaging in our office, most patients only need to come in for one pre-surgical visit. We can consult with the patient, do the imaging, and then go over the results during the same visit.

It’s never been easier to access 3D imaging in Austin!

If you’re considering any type of oral surgery in Austin, then you’ll want to find an oral surgeon who uses 3D imaging in Austin, to maximize the chances that your procedure will be successful.


At Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, not only will you have the benefit of state-of-the-art imaging in our office, but you’ll also be under the expert care of Dr. Flint.

He’s an oral surgeon in Austin who has two doctoral degrees, in medicine and in dentistry, placing him among the most highly-educated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in the country. To book a consultation with Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, please call us at (512) 351-7653.

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