Research and development in the field of prosthetic dentistry has paved way for treatment goals that were previously impossible to achieve. One can now walk into a dental clinic with edentulous upper and lower arches, and walk out with a new set of teeth in a single day! The All-on-4 rehabilitation is a technique that combines the best of operative and prosthetic dentistry. Aimed at providing edentulous patients the perfect solution to restore dental aesthetics and functionality, the procedure can successfully be completed during one sitting. Based on the conclusion of extensive research on the subject, four implants, when placed strategically across a dental arch, can easily support a prosthetic appliance such as a complete denture. Thus, generally, two dental implants are placed anteriorly at a right angle whereas the remaining two implants are fitted posteriorly at an approximately 45 degree angle to achieve the desired distribution of load. In case of resorbed ridges, bone grafting may be done first to achieve ideal ridge width for implant stability.

Similar patterns are followed for both, the maxillary as well as the mandibular arch. The distance between the implants is carefully planned in order to obtain maximum anchorage from the underlying bone. For the All-on-4 technique, leading dentists prefer longer implants than the ones that are used to replace individual teeth.

The resulting distribution of load allows for ideal stability of the prosthodontic appliance and therefore complete rehabilitation of dental aesthetics as well as functionality. Unlike conventional dentures, implant supported dentures do not get displaced during mastication, neither do they require adhesives. They can easily be removed routinely for professional cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Gone are the times when the only solution for an edentulous arch was a conventional acrylic complete denture. Book an appointment with Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin today experience dentistry than can change your life in day!

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