If you need oral surgery in Austin, you may have some concerns about the cost of your procedure. Will insurance cover it? What will you need to pay out of pocket? At Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, we’re dedicated to helping everyone access the procedures they need for a healthy smile and face, regardless of financial situation. We work with our patients to answer all of their questions and to figure out a financing plan.


If you have medical or dental insurance, then much of the cost of your surgery may be covered by your policy. It depends on whether or not your procedure is deemed “necessary” by the company. However, insurance policies vary widely in what they’ll cover.

For instance, many dental insurance policies don’t cover dental implants, although some medical insurance policies do (depending on the cause of tooth loss). If you’re unsure what your policy will cover, we’ll be happy to check with your insurance company for you, since we know that dealing with insurance companies can be a major hassle.


In some cases, you may be able to make choices that reduce the cost of your procedure, if this is important to you. Dr. Flint will go over different treatment options available to you and how that may affect the cost of your procedure.


Your surgery may not be covered by insurance; it may be partially covered, but you have some costs as well. In either case, if you don’t have the money to pay for your surgery up front, we’re happy to help you navigate financing.


Many patients are unaware of all of the options they have for financing their surgical procedures. You can often get a personal loan or a medical loan from your bank, which you then pay back slowly over a period of time. There are also medical credit cards available, which you can use only to charge medical expenses (useful for those who are worried about having the temptation of another card around). Another option is to charge all or part of your procedure on your regular credit card, and then pay it back according to the terms of your card; unfortunately, the interest rates can often be high, so this isn’t the best option for many people. Finally, you could ask friends and family to help you out, via gifts or loans. Sites such as gofundme.com can be a great option for asking for small contributions from a large number of people, which can go a long way towards financing the surgery you need.


At Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, we’re committed to helping every patient who needs oral surgery in Austin to access this care. We don’t want anyone to have to put up with discomfort and even more damaging consequences because they couldn’t afford the surgery they needed. If you need financial assistance, please discuss this with our front desk staff, who are more than happy to answer all of your questions. We know that talking about money can be embarrassing for many people, but we’re incredibly friendly and we will protect your privacy at all times. If you need financing for oral surgery in Austin, we’re committed to helping you.

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