Your initial visit is a consultation and exam. This will allow us to gather as much information as we can about your medical condition and concerns. We will discuss your diagnosis, review treatment options and encourage you to ask questions so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. In certain situations, treatment can be performed on the same day as the consultation or a consultation can be done over the phone. However, same day surgery should not be expected, it should be arranged in advanced and will be rescheduled if your case involves complex treatment planning or medical conditions that require further inquiry or testing.

If undergoing IV sedation for your procedure, you will need to have an empty stomach (Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours) before surgery and a responsible adult to accompany and drive you home.

  • Your referral slip and any x-rays taken elsewhere pertaining to your current condition
  • A list of your medications
  • If using medical or dental insurance, please bring your insurance card/info and necessary forms. This will allow us to help you process any claims and save time.
  • IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for your consultation

A consultation and physical exam is necessary and mandatory for all patients undergoing IV anesthesia for surgery.
Do let the office know if you have any medical conditions or changes in health prior to your surgery (i.e,. high blood pressure, diabetes, implanted devises, rheumatic fever, liver problems, respiratory infections, osteoporosis, etc.) or if you are taking any medications (i.e., aspirin, anticoagulants therapy, bisphosphonates, heart medications, etc.)


If you have x-rays taken somewhere else, please bring them or have your dentist or physician send them to our office. The safest way to ensure they arrive is to pick them up and bring them to the office, especially if there is not enough time. If needed, additional films may be taken at our facility.


We believe in limiting x-ray exposure; and thus, offer both digital 2D and 3D images with ultra-low dose protocols. When 2D images do not give enough information to diagnose and treat you effectively, we can provide a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography). Our state-of-art digital imaging machine has the added ability to take ultra-low dose images not available in traditional CBCT or hospital CTs. This state-of-the-art technology can produce highly accurate 3D images at a dose less than traditional 2D dental or even 10 – 50 times less than a hospital CT. Before this was available, we would need to refer you to separate facility, have less control over patient exposure and reschedule you for a second appointment to review the scans. 3D imaging can allow for more accurate and safer treatment planning of Dental Implants, difficult tooth extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, sleep apnea, facial trauma/reconstruction and other medical or dental procedures.


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