A frenectomy is the removal of connective tissue, called the frenum, which is located under the tongue. This procedure allows the tongue to move with ease. This procedure is accomplished using specialized soft tissue lasers. These lasers vaporize the oral tissue. With minor bleeding and discomfort, a frenectomy is an ideal solution for patients of all ages. We have seen patients heal quickly and with very few complications.


You may need a frenectomy for a variety of reasons. We see patients who need this intervention as well as those who have greatly benefitted from having this procedure done in their mouth.

In both adult and pediatric patients, frenectomies can be a positive solution for those suffering from ankyloglossia. This condition happens when a thick frenum limits the tongue’s capacity to move. These patients are chronically tongue-tied. A frenectomy, coupled with speech therapy, allows patients to be able to speak correctly. In addition, following a frenectomy, infants can have the ability to breastfeed or bottle feed co. Lastly, patients may be able to eat easier than before this dental intervention.


If you think you may benefit from a frenectomy, we would love to discuss the options at your next appointment. Coming into our office for your routine cleaning and exam is an excellent first step. Not only can we clean your teeth, but we can also assess your total oral picture. If you have problems eating, speaking, or just suspect your frenum needs attention, we would love to help. We believe in treating your entire mouth. We want to help you not only understand what is going on in your body but take measures to fix your dental problems so that you can enjoy positive dental outcomes for years to come.